Publications and manuscripts

Matyjek, M., Bayer, M., & Dziobek, I. (2020), Autistic Traits Affect Reward Anticipation but not Reception. Scientific Reports 108396.

Matyjek, M., Meliss, S., Dziobek, I., & Murayama, K. (2020), A Multidimensional View on Social and Non-social Rewards. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 11, 818. Also preprint available at: 10.31219/

Senderecka, M., Matyjek, M., Kroczek, B., & Ociepka, M. (submitted), Socially Induced Negative Emotions Elicit Neural Activity in the Mentalizing Network in a Subsequent Cognitive Task.

Matyjek, M., Kroczek, B., Senderecka, M. (submitted), Socially Induced Negative Affect Modulates Early Face Perception, but not Attention.

Senderecka, M., Ociepka, M., Matyjek, M., & Kroczek, B. (2018), Post-Error Brain Activity Correlates with Incidental Memory for Negative Words. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 12, 178.

Matyjek, M. (2015), Master’s thesis: “In My Mind’s Eye”: Game-Induced Emotions Influence Face Processing in a Gaze-Cueing Task: an ERP Study (the highest grade with distinction).

Matyjek, M. (2015), The roles and reciprocal influences of visual fixations and emotional cues in social settings, Pawłowicz J.A. & E. Szafranko (eds.), KNMAIU KRESKA, Uniwersytet Warmin ́sko-Mazurski w Olsztynie Polskie Towarzystwo Historyczne (post-conference publication).

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