Work experience

Researcher positions

Since Oct 2021: Maria Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow with the EUTOPIA-SIF program at Prof. Soto Faraco’s Multisensory Research Group, working on multi-sensory integration of especially social information in autism and autistic traits.

Since Oct 2016: Doctoral training in social neuropsychology in Prof. Dr. Isabel Dziobek’s Clinical Psychology of Social Interaction lab. Here I worked with behavioural, EEG, and pupillary data, investigating topics related to social cognition, mainly social and non-social reward processing especially in relation to autism and autistic traits.

Research assistant positions

Sep 2016 – Dec 2017: Recruiting participants, collecting and analysing EEG data with Brain Vision Analyzer, describing the results. Founded by National Science Centre grant awarded to dr. hab. prof. UJ M. Senderecka: Influence of emotions on perception, response inhibition, and error monitoring: ERP analysis (2016-2019).

Dec 2015 – Sep 2016: Designing an eye-tracking procedure in SR-Research Eye Link Builder, collecting and analysing data with Eye Link Data Viewer. Funded by National Science Centre grant awarded to dr. hab. prof UJ A. Chuderski: Chasing the homunculus of self-control: Mechanisms of goal selection and application (2011-2016).

Jul 2015 – Jul 2016: Project, investigating the effects of cognitive games online.
I performed behavioural data analysis with linear regression mixed models from over 10,000 participants.
Principal investigator: Anna Wieczorek-Taraday. Funded by: SWPS Warsaw (University of Social Sciences and Humanities) and portal.

Sep 2014 – Feb 2015: Project’s title: Empathy for Pain in Asparger Autists: an Investigation of Emotional and Cognitive Empathy using Event Related Potentials. Recruiting participants, collecting and analysing EEG data in EEGlab. Principal investigator: Prof. Claus Lamm, head of the ScanUnit Laboratory at University of Vienna, Austria.


Volunteering as a day care assistant for pre-school children with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the Big Fat Smile charity organisation during my semester abroad at the University of Wollongong, Australia (Aug 2013 – Dec 2013).

Student extracurricular activities

President and member of the Cognitive Science Students Association: Dec 2010 – Sep 2017;
– Organisation of the VI (April 2014), VII (April 2015) and VIII (March 2016) Cracow’s Cognitive Science Conference, volunteering in the V (2013) edition;
– Organisation of Mei:CogSci Conference 2014 in Cracow;
– Project “Visualisation of selected issues of Cognitive Science” (artistic arrangement aiming to explain the fields and issues of Cognitive Science), 2016;
– Coordination of Scientific Projects’ section (2014-2015);
– Leading workshops on scientific methods and behavioural and psychophysiological experimental design (2015-2016).

One of the pictures from the “Visualisation of selected issues of Cognitive Science”: neuroscience.